"Anne is a designer who takes into account the entire user experience, down to nitty gritty use cases. She takes the time to ask questions that uncover the places to improve the experience. Her work on a project that helps our members save money on prescriptions was insightful and laser focused on the people using the website. Anne is also a joy to work with, always bringing humor and levity to projects."

Nell Kauls – Web Product Manager, Interactive Strategy Group, Optum Technology

Anne is a talented artist who understands what the client is looking for and create what we vision in our minds! Great addition to any art department!

Steven Ross – Inside Sales Representative at Hibu

Anne O’Konski is one of the best and most loyal designers in the company. She’s trustworthy, ethical, and highly productive. She’s led OptumRx projects that have made the company very profitable. She is completely trustworthy and dependable. I highly recommend Anne for any leadership position that may come up in the future. She’s Awesome!

Patrick Ball – Senior UI Designer, Interactive Design Services, Optum Technology

Working with Anne was a pleasure in-so-far as you always knew exactly what your were going to get: a team player with a great sense of design combined with intelligence, a steady outlook on the project despite potentially ominous signs and a natural leader than can step in any helm the ship if and when needed. All of this is impressive, true- but for me the number one trait that stood out is that in a world full of egos, deadlines, budgets and politics, Anne is a genuinely nice person that people *want* to be around and work with. This is not an easy quality to possess nor maintain in pressure filled scenarios but Anne makes it seem effortless. These traits, combined with a wealth and depth of experience, make her a critical component of any team. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

John Maier – Art Director, Edyt

Anne has always really impressed me, I love being her co-worker! She’s continued to blow me away with her design thinking, with her leadership and her artistry. Anne is one of those rare talents with an amazing fine arts background. It always comes through in her UX/UI work. She’s truly committed to making a difference in how health care systems and products relate to humanity. She’s reliable, smart, fun to be around, and a great mentor, such a sharp attention to detail. I always ask Anne what great new apps or games or interface designs are out there because she’s constantly looking to innovate.

I’m personally inspired by how Anne is always leveling up, in her professionalism and in her real life. She’s working on a children’s book, she seems to always be trying new techniques, and never loses her passion for art. Her brilliant mind brings a true beauty to her design work.

Thanks for being a true leader Anne!

Heatherlee Nguyen – Senior UX Designer at Optum Technology